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1. to stop preventing and admit defeat; to produce. The troopers were being outnumbered and gave in towards the enemy. tou opgooi يَسْتَسْلِم، يُقِر بالهَزيمَه предавам се render-se vzdát se aufgeben give op παραδίνομαι, υποχωρώrendirse alistuma تسلیم شدن luovuttaa se rendre להיכנע दब जाना predati se megadja magát menyerah láta eftir arrendersi 降参する 항복하다 pasiduoti padoties menyerah kalah zich gewonnen geven gi tapt, gi segpoddać się تسلیمیدل render-se a capitula сдаваться vzdať sa vdati se predati se ge sig, ge upp ยอมให้ teslim olmak 投降 поступатися ہار مان لینا nhượng bộ 投降

willingness to permit anyone some thing in return for being allowed a thing oneself. gee en neem أخْذ وَعَطاء، تنازُل مُتَبادَل взаимна отстъпка mais ou menos něco za něco, vzájemné ústupky Geben und Nehmen villighed til at gå på kompromis συναλλαγή, δοσοληψία toma y daca, concesiones mutuas vorst vorsti vastu مبادله؛ بده و بستان antaa ja ottaa concessions mutuelles תן וקח आदान-प्रदान uzajamno popustiti kompromisszum memberi dan menerima gagnkvæm tilslökun concessioni reciproche, compromesso 双方の譲歩 공평한 거래 kompromisas, abipusė nuolaida savstarpēja piekāpšanās; kompromiss memberi dan menerima geven en nemen gjensidighetsforhold, villighet til kompromiss kompromisowość مالچه mais ou menos concesii reciproce взаимные уступки niečo za niečo, kompromis daj dam kompromis givande och tagande การดำเนินการโดยถ้อยทีถ้อยอาศัยซึ่งกันและกัน karşılıklı fedakârlık 有來有往 компроміс تبادل میں یقین رکھنا tỏ ra khoan dung 公平交换

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4. Athletics The act or an occasion of dropping possession in the ball or puck on the opposing group, as by a misdirected move.

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blow - bring about being uncovered and jeopardized; "The story blew their address"; "The double agent was blown by another aspect"

to create. That fire is providing off many smoke. afgee يَبْعَثُ دُخانا، يُطلِقُ издавам produzir vydávat, vypouštět abgeben afgive; udvikle εκπέμπω, βγάζω, παράγωemitir, soltar, producir tekitama بیرون دادن tuottaa émettre להדיף पैदा करना stvarati kibocsát menghasilkan gefa frá sér emettere 発散する 발산하다 išskirti, išleisti, skleisti izdalīt; izplatīt mengeluarkan afgevensende ut, avgiwydawać ليږل produzir a deliver выделять vydávať, vypúšťať oddajati odavati avge ทำให้เกิด çıkarmak, salmak, yaymak 產生 випускати پیدا کرنا toả ra; phát ra; bốc ra 产生

appear out on the closet, you can try this out out, appear out - to point out openly and publicly one particular's homosexuality; "This actor outed very last yr"

Established to save the individuals trapped in the jar look at this web-site in advance of time runs out, Nolan races north into the Dawn Caves, where by legends say that he’ll receive any one wish...if he life that extended. When Nolan fulfills Tylan and Kris, a brother and sister from among Nolan’s captive worlds, he reluctantly decides that dig this info from here they’d be safer with him than by themselves.

In advance of Ramya can response, she and her fearless warriors will have to initially crush a catastrophic rebellion that threatens to destroy her and devastate her beloved useful source nation.

two. To reveal or make known: I stay clear of Film critiques that gives away plot twists. I ended examining the guide when my Buddy gave the ending away.

give it to Casual To punish or reprimand seriously: My dad and mom truly gave it to me for coming in late.

In Taiwan fifty to one hundred decades in the past, he contends, practical things to consider about the long run economic health and fitness of their households, let alone their very own social standing, prompted women to give away daughters they had elevated for months or several years.

Grant is restricted to the thought of acceding to a request; it may utilize on the bestowal of privileges, or the fulfillment of the expressed desire: to grant a charter, a prayer, authorization, and many others. Current, a more official term than give, commonly indicates a see post certain ceremony in the supplying: to current a citation to the regiment. Unabridged

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